Bar Agricole

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With an artisanal cocktail list that’s as extensive as the food menu, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose between a Monkey’s Gland (gin, citrus, absinthe and grenadine) or another order of the marinated anchovies or pig’s head fritters with pickled black radish. Go for it all—and while you’re at it, try the grilled quail with peaches and mashed beets and any other of the exquisitely seasonal, impeccably fresh plates, as you sip your slavishly crafted cocktail (even the ice is tailor-made for each drink). Undoubtedly the biggest thing to splash down on the 11th Street club corridor in recent years, Bar Agricole feels at once earthy and ethereal—with walls made from old barrel staves and light fixtures made from hundreds of glass tubes that look like windswept waves. Belly up to the bar, tuck into a booth, or try brunch on the sunny, enclosed front patio.

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